Revenge In The News (source: BBC)

Testicle bite woman Maria Topp faces jail for Newcastle boyfriend attack   A mother of four who admitted biting her boyfriend’s testicles during a drunken row has been warned she is facing jail. Maria Topp, 44, a from Gateshead, told Newcastle Crown Court she could not remember attacking Martin Douglas Continue Reading

Revenge Using Voodoo

I have just found this article on and have, with their permission, copied it here. This site advertises a voodoo spell service called which is for High Priest Jean Emmanuel. The guys at GROYE have been using and recommending Jean Emmanuel for nearly a year now and the Continue Reading

Five Tips For Revenge

There are major reasons why people take revenge – it works. If you have been hurt by someone and want to them to know how you feel – and feel better, at the same time, then do not sit there doing nothing, it’s time to take action and seek revenge. Continue Reading

Don’t Get Mad – Get Even!

Have you ever been rejected, despised, scorned, or hurt? You have two choices – get angry or revenge. But why spend your time and energy in anger when you could be spending that time getting back at the person who hurt you? You do not need to go overboard, and Continue Reading

Amazing Internet Revenge Services

Don’t let your momma tell you that revenge won’t make you feel better – it will. There’s nothing you can’t get these days on the internet, so if you’re out for revenge then the net is the first place you should look. If you’ve been betrayed, bashed, downtrodden or stomped Continue Reading

How To Sh*t On Your Own Doorstep – Almost

I’m not sure if the title of this article is globally recognised, but from where I come from it’s widely recognised. Like families, getting revenge on your neighbour can pose a few challenges as you have to live next door to any consequences. This is made worse if the desire Continue Reading

The Problem With Families

As the saying goes, you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family. And the other problem with families, is that if you want to get revenge on your family or a member of it, then there are many potentially undesirable repercussions such as being ostracised by those Continue Reading

Great Way To Get Rid Of Your Boss

We’ve all had a boss who is a nightmare. For me, he was called Stephen Crandall and if you Google his dad’s name (Bob Crandall), you’ll see that he was a spoilt rich kid who’s dad (Bob and the head of American Airlines) basically paid for his entry to uni Continue Reading

Alvin The Chipmunk Delivers Bad News

I recently discoved that the guys from have started a new service of delivering messages. This is truly brilliant and absolutely hilarious! It really fits all 3 requirements of getting revenge: it is legal it will devastate your enemy it is side splittingly funny Apparently, as the story goes, this  guy Continue Reading

Exposing An Ex Friend’s Secret Via Video

I have to say that this has got to be the funniest way of exposing a friend’s (or an ex friend’s) secret. What’s more I am prepared to make a prediction … we will see a lot more of these in the future! Watch this video and then just imagine Continue Reading