Don’t Get Mad – Get Even!

Have you ever been rejected, despised, scorned, or hurt? You have two choices – get angry or revenge. But why spend your time and energy in anger when you could be spending that time getting back at the person who hurt you?

You do not need to go overboard, and there is no reason to do anything illegal or what may only end up with you in trouble, but you can find safe and legal ways to get your own back and have fun while doing it.

Here’s how – you know there are several websites that will help you get revenge and can offer a lot of clever ideas about how to do it. These are just some of the services you can find on the net:

For an ex-friend you can find a site that will send them a wrapped gift (fake) dog turd, condoms or dirty underwear. If you dislike your former friend, show them how much with a special present.

If it is a former partner and you want to get your own back try nuisance calls this will really wind them up. There are sites available where you can use an automated system to call your ex every ten minutes. And it even records there reaction so you can listen as they get more and more furious. If they have a new boyfriend or girlfriend on the scene then send a test kit for sexually transmitted diseases to there home, with packaging that screams out sexual transmitted diseases. Imagine the reaction of his new love when it drops through there letter box.

When your boss is bad and needs to be taken down a peg or two. Try sending an anonymous certificate for example “useless boss” certificate to let them know what you and his employees really think of them. The best revenge sites also offer a fax service anonymously. You can write what you like they send it and is completely untraceable.

Or if your neighbour is not very good neighbour, you could send a text message anonymously. You can write your own message or choose from a selection of gems like ” if my face looked like yours, I’d shave my backside and walk on my hands” or  ” It’s better to let someone think you are an idiot than to open your mouth and prove it” Just imagine their reaction, especially when they have no idea that the text has come from.

So remember, if someone has done you harm, do not shout, do not cry. Stay calm and get revenge

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