8 Ways To Chanel Revenge On A Cheating Partner

Avoid The Violent Way, It Takes Time To Humiliate A Cheating Partner And The Effects Last Longer!

Infidelity is not an easy situation to assimilate. When cheating happens in a relationship, many things are destroyed, especially trust, so the reactions can be unpredictable and full of negative emotions.

However, as much as your cheating partner betrayal hurts you should do everything possible to maintain your composure and act at the height of the lady you are. Remember that if they decided to betray the trust between you two and ruin the love you had, then it is their problem, not yours.

Your dignity must be preserved; even if at first it is very difficult for you to contain your emotions, it is not impossible. In fact, an intelligent person confronts infidelity without trying to get revenge and screwing the other one up. There are many ways to get back on someone for cheating without it necessarily being negative and full of hatred. In the end, that won’t give you closure at all, it will even make everything feel worse.

As we already said, The best revenge against a cheater is just doing nothing against him, but to take responsibility for our life and our happiness, have self-esteem and not grant someone else the power to make us feel good or bad.

If you are a victim of infidelity, if your partner finds pleasure in leading that lifestyle, nothing you do will change your behavior, if you feel that person hurts you, it is only because you gave him that power, but it is You can regain control of your life and your emotions, by learning to fly away from that person. That will be enough revenge for you. Now, there are many ways to get to this point within yourself. Keep reading to learn more about how to get there yourself:

1. Become A Better Version Of Yourself (And Beat That Jerk)

There is nothing that will make a cheating partner hurt more and regret cheating more than seeing that the person they cheated on is doing better than ever without them. So right after he or she cheats, you gotta pick yourself up and become the best version of yourself; show him he didn’t take a part of you, show him he only made you stronger.

To make them regret and therefore suffer, it would be better if you show them the great light they have lost in his life. From today, accept that it all was a stumbling block for you, like an annoying stone in the shoe that after removing, you will walk more calmly and with a new smile that illuminates your clarity, tranquility and beauty for yourself

2. Be Honest To Everyone Why This Relationship Ended

There is no need in protecting a cheating partner. By that, I don’t mean that you should go and tear his reputation up, because that will only make you look bad. It only shows immaturity and resentment, which remember, is not what we are looking for.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t hide that your relationship ended because of cheating. Just be honest and tell it without resentment or hatred. Don’t make it feel as if you are trying to leave the cheater badly, but that you are just being honest about your relationship. People will see who is the bad guy by themselves

3. Jerks Are Insignificant. Erase Him or Her Out From Your Life

If you actually want to move on from your heartbreak and make his regret ever losing you by cheating, completely erase them out of your life. Don’t block them from social media or stuff like that, that will only be immature of your part. Just erase them from your life; stop following them on social media, delete their phone number, don’t answer their calls or any way they try to communicate with you.

If you do this, it will be easier for them to acknowledge that they have lost you completely and that cheating is a very bad decision in any other situation they get themselves in the future. It will work as a lesson for them.

4. Never contact them

Yes, we already talked about not answering to their ways of contact with you if they try to do so, but we haven’t thought about your way of acting towards them. In the same thread of thought, don’t ever think about contacting them ever again. Now that you have erased them from your lives, I don’t think you want to go back to the start line, do you?

We have all been there; drunk or lonely at 3:00 am missing someone. All you want to do is call them, know about them. But no! You should stop yourself and think about what they did to you; I mean, cheating is not a silly stupid mistake. Think about all the pain they have put you through, and erase the thought of contacting them from your mind. You can do it.

5. Find someone better than them

The best thing you can do for yourself and in order to make a cheating partner regret their actions is getting someone better than them. It won’t only make you feel better, but teach the cheater that whatever they did won’t stop you from living your life and being loved. Knowing that you now belong to somebody who can actually respect you and be faithful to you will make a cheater learn from their awful mistake, which is what we are looking for. Remember, not getting revenge or making them miserable but making them learn from their actions.

6. Change your look

hat better way than showing you have closed a chapter in your life than changing your look? Plus, you will look hotter than ever, which will make your cheater even crazier about you and about losing you by making that terrible mistake.

Change your hair color and length, or your facial hair, get new clothes, or a tattoo, hit the gym more frequently; who knows? Just rock a new style! That will make them crazy.

7. Be honest

People cheat so frequently because they actually don’t know how hurtful it can be for someone. Being cheated on can destroy anyone, it is just awful, and cheaters need to know how much pain they can cause so they never do it again and regret making someone feel that way.

When you are ending your relationship, let them know everything; tell them how being cheated on feels terrible, how miserable they have made your days, how betrayed you feel, everything they took away from you.

8. Be thankful

This might seem completely crazy, but thanking a cheating partner for cheating on you is an amazing lesson for them. The important thing here is to, at the end, let them know how after all of this awful time, they didn’t destroy you completely. That they only made you stronger and with more drive to find what is good for you, to love and take care of yourself. That by cheating, they have shown their true self and let you know you needed someone better for yourself.

That’s empowerment, taking the bad situations and turning them into something positive. Once you let them know all of this, again, they will see the strong and amazing person you are, and how they don’t have you anymore, which is the best possible revenge.


As you might have learned today, an act of negative revenge where you make the other one hurt as much as you is not the way to go when you break up with a cheater. It will only make you even more miserable if that is possible. Following all of our advice on how to actually teach your cheating partner a lesson will be the best way to feel good about yourself and everything that happened after they cheated on you.

We are sure that he or she will never cheat on anyone again and will regret ever doing it to you deeply. That will certainly be enough revenge and satisfaction for you, even if you only think of making them hurt at the moment. Again, trust us, it is not the right way to go. 

Remember, there is no better revenge than the one where you actually teach and make them learn, not pay or suffer. Keep that in mind, follow our tips, and superation will come almost by itself. Don’t let pain, anger, or resentment make you the bad guy now. You are much more than that and you can get over this!  This method is a hundred percent guaranteed! 

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