Wicked Ways To Get Revenge On Your Neighbour

A number of women have been sharing their own personal stories of revenge and they make for a rather satisfying read.

It all began on Mumsnet, after someone saw a thread about random acts of nastiness. The person then asked whether any fellow users had ever gotten their own back on a stranger who had been cruel to them for no reason.

The responses flooded in, with many branding their stories “petty” – but they were still pleased with themselves for their actions.

One woman recalled how she had accidentally gotten revenge on a neighbour who had made her life miserable.

She said: “Not exactly a stranger but a f**king miserable neighbour who made our lives miserable (I won’t go into details) and whom we avoided as much as we could.

“We moved a couple of years ago and paid for Royal Mail post redirection. The neighbour’s surname is the same as my maiden name which I still use professionally and Royal Mail picked up the name and not the house number.

“We got all his post. Bank statements, replacement credit cards, bills, final warning bills…

“Well there was no point redirecting them back as they’d only be redirected back to us.”

She added: “I took so much delight in shredding his mail and knowing that he was going to get in trouble for not paying final warning bills and was requesting multiple replacement bank cards and still not getting them.

“I was almost tempted to keep the redirection going as it made me feel so much better after all the misery he caused us.”

Get Revenge On Your Ex

Others detailed revenge on people who had stolen their parking space or men who had flirted with them despite being married.

But someone else, who used to work in a supermarket explained how they gave rude customers their just desserts.

They said: “When I worked on a supermarket checkout as a teenager if customers were rude to me, but asked for help packing their shopping I used to crush their bread with my hands as I put it in the bag.

“I’d also pack the eggs at the bottom and give them a ridiculous number of 1ps and 2ps in their change. It was the small things that kept me going.

“Still remember the satisfying feeling of squashing that bread.”

Get Revenge on Your Neighbour – True Stories

Another woman had no regrets about getting someone fired from their job after they’d said some horrendous things to her while driving in a company van.

She explained: “Driving with kids in car, hot day, windows open. Got cut up by a van, had to emergency brake so beeped horn at him.

“Stopped at next traffic lights he proceeded to shout, called me a c**t, amongst other vile abuse and said he hoped I crash and die.

“Stupid idiot was driving a work van with company logo and phone number. I took his registration, pulled over and called the company and reported him. “

She added: “Later that day I got a call back from the company director apologising and assuring me the man had been dismissed from their employment with immediate effect. Ha, serves him right.”

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