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Great Creativity…Epic Revenge

March 4, 2013 by  
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Now we want to make it clear that here at Revenge Towers we are very proud to support the boys in blue that protect people all over the world because frankly there are enough people trying to stick the boot into them most of the time and we think they do a heck of a job. However, as with a lot of areas, when politics gets involved we aren’t such a fan, and the politics of policing is no different, which is why we are such a fan of unassuming Brian McCrary of Bluff City in Tennessee.

Now the drama starts to unfold in 2010 when Brian received a belated ticket from months beforehand. The Bluff City area already had a fairly unsavory reputation for using surveillance cameras and speed traps to try and collect revenue and given how late this was Brian was pretty intent on having a word or two with someone high up. As a result, he went on the local PD website to try and find a non-emergency phone number with a view to giving them an earful.

However, while he didn’t find the number he was after he did find something of interest because there was a little message saying that the police department website was about to be up for grabs because the domain was literally just about to expire.

You might be wondering how on earth this was interesting to someone who wanted to have a rant about a desperately late speeding ticket but that is probably because we hadn’t mentioned yet what Brian does for a living…

Brian is a Computer Network Designer.

The upshot of this is that we have the ideal conditions for something of a perfect storm. In fact, so far as ideal timing goes it is hard to imagine something better. Within a few days of this discovery the Bluff County Police Department website mysteriously went quite off message. Rather than handing out information about policy and policing news it suddenly had a very different agenda. Plastered across the page was information about where you can find the speeding cameras in the area, where the police most frequently set up their speed traps and why these cameras are such a plague.

Now, a lot of people found this quite funny and supported Brian, but it only really became news when he posted some articles which told the truth about the huge sums of money that these cameras were generating. Even more interestingly, it transpired that 50% of that revenue was going to the company who sold the cameras, rather than the usual practice of using it to help prevent accidents and increase speed awareness.

The best thing about this story is that the police were oblivious until the reporters came knocking on the door. They had received a grand total of 7 emails telling them that they needed to renew their domain name rights but nobody ever got round to sorting it out. This of course meant that everything that Brian had done was completely legal and as his website became national news he found that tens of thousands of people would log onto his site every day to find out about the speed cameras in their area.

His website is still up and running and if you want to check it out click on this link, but whatever you do, celebrate the great revenge work done here.

If you fancy your own revenge website, then the guys at Masters Of Revenge can help you out.

Top 10 Revenge Movie Classics!

March 4, 2013 by  
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You’ve had a long day and work and you want to kick back with some really good films but you don’t know what to watch. We’ve all been there, so here are our top 10 revenge films to help give you a few bits and pieces to watch over the next few weeks.

10)  The Count of Monte Cristo

The 2002 retelling of the Dumas classic directed by Kevin Reynolds has a great cast and is of course a classic story. After a sailor is framed for treason by his best mate his revenge eats at him in prison and when he breaks out he angles everything towards trying to bring down the man who he shared everything with but ultimately sent him to jail.

9)  Carrie

This 1976 Brian de Palma film is based on Stephen King so you can be certain that it is going to be high on gore and pretty high on shocks. The story follows a school student who is hampered by a vicious classmate and an overbearing mother, but she uses her telekinetic powers to unleash the prom night from hell.

8)  Cape Fear

Directed by J. Lee Thompson this film follows the fortunes of Sam Bowden and his family who are terrorised by a career criminal played by Robert Mitchum. Bowden helped to put the criminal behind bars and this is a classic tale of a bad guy out for revenge. It was remade in 1991 by Martin Scorsese but despite the cast he had at his disposal we think that the best bet will always be the original.

7)Mad Max

It’s the movie that made Mel Gibson’s name. It went on to spawn another 2 films as Gibson plays cop Max Rockatansky who is out to avenge the murder of his family but a brutal biker gang. Packed full of classic lines and great action sequences this is a top film.

6)  Oldboy

This isn’t that well known but it’s a great South Korean film. This is the second in a trilogy but you don’t need to watch the first to appreciate the quality of this film. An ordinary man is secretly imprisoned and he teaches himself to fight which has serious repercussionsfor his captors when he finally breaks free.

5)  Ben-Hur

You have probably watched this already. If you haven’t, watch it tonight. Set in ancient Judea it follows the journey of a Jewish prince trying to find his way back to normality in a world dominated by the Roman Empire.

4)  Death Wish

Another classic. It’s the film most people think of when they hear the word ‘revenge’ and with good reason. It follows a Charlese Bronson character who goes from mild mannered architect to one man war on crime following the murder of his family.

 3)  Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

This isn’t just a film for Trekkies. It’s a genuinely good movie and it follows the Enterprise as Captain James T. Kirk looks to free some of his crew who have been captured after a secretive science lab is captured. There are all sorts of sub plots and it is well worth a watch.

2)  Once Upon a Time in the West

It’s a 1968 classic deriected by Sergio Leone and stars Henry Fonda in an unusual role as a menacing gunslinger, but he pulls it off with aplomb. There is a lot of amazing camera work and the story ebbs and flows beautifully as this Wild West epic comes to a conclusion.

1)  Kill Bill Vols. 1 and 2

Quentin Tarantino revatilsed the revenge movie franchise with these films. They follow Uma Thurman’s character as she tries to rebuild after being left for dead by her former lover and assassin colleagues at her wedding. A great back to back collection for a weekend afternoon.

Revenge For Christmas 2012

December 13, 2012 by  
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Those guys at Get Revenge On Your Ex have done it again, with this year’s Christmas specials.

Here’s their latest newsletter….enjoy!


When most people think of Christmas it is a happy time, a time to celebrate with friends and loved ones, but what if the one who had hoped to spend Christmas with has actually ended up hurting you just before the festivities start. Why should they be able to have a great time with their new squeeze when you are left to agonise over what could have been? The good news is that our team have got everything together to make sure that if you are feeling the urge to even the scores in the run up to December 25th we have the perfect vengeance gifts, perfectly suited for every taste and every budget.

Time Released Festive Texts

Get their day off to a poor start with a time released SMS from our anonymous server. All your have to do is type out your message and system will send it to the victim’s phone with the guarantee that it can’t be traced back to you. You can even set the time so if you want to do something early in the morning when they are opening their presents or around lunchtime to put a dampener on things we have just the service for you.

A Christmas Kick From Our Unique Cards Range

If you want something jolly with Santa on it or kids playing in the snow you should look elsewhere. This is the most offensive and repulsive collection of cards on the internet. It is completely unique. Imagine the anticipation of opening an envelope shattered when it is opened as a card which tells your chosen victim exactly what you really think.

The Voodoo Doll

Sometimes revenge can be quite sophisticated, but the on other occasions, just plain scared is just as good. Our voodoo dolls are the perfect match for our cards, a great double hit. No sooner have they got over the shock of their card, than again they are opening a beautiful present to find a Voodoo doll, laced with an authentic curse performed by a highly respected High Priest. Not only will it alarm them initially, the curse, and the thought of it will dog them for the rest of the year…

Nuisance Calls

When you are trying to relax with friends and family the last thing you want is repeated phone calls, shattering the calm. The worst thing is, it’s Christmas, you have to answer the call in case it is family or friends ringing round to celebrate. You can’t unplug the phone for the same reason so your victim will just have to shoulder the stress of our incessant ringing at a time that you set.

The Nasty Packages…

OK…for most people this would be considered a bit too much…but this IS your ex we are talking about. You wouldn’t be here if they hadn’t done something to deserve the very best (or worst depending on how you look at it) treatment. Whether you want to make them feel queasy at dinner with ‘used’ condom or our realistic fake Dog Shit, or if you just want to ruin their new relationship by sending some sexy underwear with a naughty note we have just the things for you…


Christmas is only just around the corner, so I don’t recommend that you hang around…you’ve only got a few days left to completely and utterly ruin your ex’s Christmas, while you remain full of festive cheer!

Why Revenge Is Good For You

November 29, 2012 by  
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If you have a discussion with anyone about revenge then it only ever tends to go one way. ‘I don’t know about that’ people say. ‘It won’t make you feel any better’.

HOWEVER, there are plenty of reasons why revenge can be a force for good in your life. Let’s face it; we aren’t all saints. Not all of us can move on as easily as we are apparently supposed to. In fact I’d suggest that the vast majority of us fall into this category. Although I’m sure we’d all like to think that when we have been wronged we can quite take one deep breath, forgive and forget it isn’t in our nature.

Simply put this is because we aren’t programmed to do this. When you have been wronged and no action is taken there is a feeling that somehow evil has won. As an innocent party whose heart has been broken or career sabotaged, it’s hardly a surprise that when we are hurt we want to fight back; it’s a basic evolutionary principle.

It is a strange quirk of western society that when a government institution doles out a punishment it is considered justice, but when the victim does it it is revenge. The two words have such different meanings but they essentially describe the same thing, so how can revenge be a good thing?

The main thing that people forget regarding revenge is that it isn’t an emotion itself, it is a reaction to an emotion: embitterment. These lead to fantasies which Dr Robert Biswas Diener believes can be good for you. The research conducted by him and others states that these fantasies are functional rather than vindictive. They release positive emotions and thoughts in times of crisis which make you feel better and actually makes people less aggressive, not more.

What has been found is that it isn’t actually the act of vengeance that makes us feel good. In truth it is the knowledge that people have learned their lesson. There is a sense of moral accomplishment that after doing something so damaging there is a chance that, because of the retribution taken, they might not do it again. As a result the society is better off and you have satisfied your own need to ensure that although the wrong done against you may not have been righted, it has at least been acknowledged.

In many ways that is truly what revenge is about. Not the twisted plotting you see in films but rather just a desire to not be overlooked. When you feel that sense of embitterment it is usually because somebody has treated you without regard for how you feel; as though you are insignificant in work or love. Revenge is simply about reminding yourself and your persecutor that this isn’t the case, that you are worth something and that they themselves should never again think that they can trample over somebody’s feelings again.

Why It Pays To Get Revenge On Your Ex

August 23, 2012 by  
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Let me ask you this question – since breaking up with your ex, how much sleep have you lost?

According to a recent study undertaken by the guys at during the first month following a breakup people tend to lose, on average, a staggering 56 hours of sleep!

And while a few sleepless nights may be considered as just a fact of a breakup, there is a real cost to all of this. A study in the UK by a private health company worked out that each sleepless night costs just over £93 (US$ 143) in lost productivity, missed promotions at work, missed sales targets, days of “sick” etc.

If true, the 56 hours lost in the Revenge survey equates to an average of 12 broken broken nights. Multiply these 12 nights by £93 means that your ex has cost you a whopping £1,116 (US$ 1,716)!!!

So not only has your ex been a complete asshole, but they have cost you money!

On top of that, over 80% of those surveyed said that they spent money on alcohol, comfort food, sleep medication etc. In fact, the average amount spent on these “sleep aids” over the first month was over £150 (US$ 231), bringing the total cost to £1,266 (US$ 1,947).

That’s right – your ex has cost you nearly $2000, just from causing you to lose sleep!!!

Are they worth it?

We think not!

But what is the solution to all of this? Well I think you can guess my answer … it’s revenge!

The survey undertaken by involved 1800 people. 1200 of the study group did not purchase any products from any revenge website, nor did they undertake any actual revenge aside from the fantasy offered by websites. 600 people however, did purchase revenge products.

According to the survey, the average amount spent on revenge was around £46 (US$ 72).

So is getting revenge worth it?

Unsurprisingly, the answer is a resounding “YES” – getting revenge is definitely worth it!

While the 1200 “non revenge” people lost an average of 56 hours sleep, those who undertook revenge lost an average of just 13 hours.


Getting revenge means that you don’t lose 43 hours of sleep … or to put it in financial terms, a saving of £857 (US$ 1,317)

And what’s more, by getting revenge on your ex, your not just saving yourself money, but you are transferring the sleepless nights over to your ex and so you are going to cost them money!!!

With results like this, getting revenge really is worth doing … and the study doesn’t even begin to quantify the “feel good factor”.

So, if you think your ex isn’t worth spending money on, then think again!




Prank Calls

January 11, 2012 by  
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Allot of my favourite memories as a child were when we stayed up late during sleep over’s and making prank calls. It was so much fun we decided to start taping our calls so we could listen to them at a later date, the calls just got crazier and crazier as our confidence.

Me and my friends would lay around on our beds and try to better each other with our different ideas. It would be a contest to see who could keep the person talking on the phone the longest while we invented more and more obnoxious calls. It  was allot of fun and our prank calls provided us with hours of entertainment, when there was nothing to watch on the TV.

When we were little we used to think this was so funny. We would call a certain house about 15-20 times and ask for Dr. Jones. Then we would all sit around and wait for the night time and call the person and say “This is Dr. Jones do you have any messages for me?”. I know this may not seem that funny to most of you, but don’t forget we were only young!

However sometime in the late 80’s early 90′s our fun was ruined because of the introduction of caller ID and call tracing. It became very difficult to prank call someone anonymously. Yes you could use a certain number to hide your phone number but the problem was the person would refuse to pick up from a blocked number. It was a really sad time for us pranksters all our fun seemed to be taken away, but it is now time to rejoice. Prank calls are back and they are better then they were before!

Thanks to prepaid mobile phones, VOIP like Skype and caller Id spoofers. With a good caller ID spoofer you can change the Id your victims sees to almost anything you want. You could make allot of calls and insult people and harass people. Then use a caller id spoofer to make it appear like victim called and left the nasty messages. It is a great way to get the victim in trouble and annoy them with angry call-backs.

Some really funny prank calls using a caller ID spoofer could be to Planned Parenthood, Venereal Disease Treatment Clinic or Gender Reassignment Centre.

There are so many other ideas you can use with a good ID spoofer included are holiday themes to screw with some young kids. For example you could phone the kid and pretend to be an angry Santa, Dracula, Boogy Man, Wolf boy, Tooth Fairy or even the Easter Bunny, the list is endless just use your imagination.

Getting Revenge Using Classified Ads

January 5, 2012 by  
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Classified advertisements in your free local newspapers are not very expensive and sometimes free they are a very good way to tarnish your ex’s squeaky clean image. For example, suppose you had a score to settle with the neighbours’ from hell. You could make up a Classified Ad to “sell” their car. Make the price attractive five to 600 hundred dollars/pounds less than market value for that make of car, instruct the prospective buyers to call after midnight (because you work shift work and this is the only time you are about), and explain in the ad that you are emigrating or moving house so quick cash is needed hence the price being bellow market value. This should attract enough interest to bring the calls coming thick and fast.

You could also put your ex’s house up for sale in Classified Ads. The same as before, ask the potential buyers to either call or visit at hours that will be very inconvenient to your ex.

The “personal columns” in your local free paper can also be a great source of fun. Maybe you could place an ad on behalf of your ex to advertise for “young boy and girl models to pose for ‘art’ pictures.” You should use his/her home number or place of work number here for all the inquiry calls, whichever you think would cause more embarrassing for your ex. Personally I would use their bosses number so the calls go to them, then your ex will have some explaining to do to his/her employer.

Placing ads in your local free paper is easy. Most free local papers will let you do it over the phone or online if you are concerned about your privacy you could always download an install Hide My Ip, and from my experiences the ads are very rarely verified. Don’t try to go overboard with the ad make it as realistic as possible. As with any prank, there has to be a credible amount of reality for this to work.

Although this does not fall into the bracket of classified advertisement, the little index-card notices that people put on ad boards in bars, supermarkets and other public places are also great ways to prank your ex. Just about anything you can find in your local free paper you will find on these personal notice boards. But there are also advantages doing this as they are often free, they don’t cost anything the only cost is just your time and effort into preparing the card ad and posting it, also with this free prank you can be a bit more descriptive, and personal than you can with newspaper advertisements. People seem to stop and read these boards as they are normally placed in areas where you can’t miss them, I know from personal experiences that this is really a good and annoying prank and cost nothing just a moment of your time.

Ways To Get Revenge – Fake Pregnancy Revenge

December 20, 2011 by  
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Fake Pregnancy Revenge this is by far one of the nastiest pranks you can do to an ex. This revenge idea has been around for hundreds of years, and it still works. Women have used the fake pregnancy tactic to get control and intimidate men since time existed.

There are a lot of women out there who have faked being pregnant just to keep the man in her life and manipulate them into doing things just by the power of intimidation. The fake pregnancy prank is one of the most powerful revenge tactics a woman can have in her payback arsenal.

The fake pregnancy tactic can also be used to keep a man out of your life. If you have an ex boyfriend who just won’t stop pestering you and wont take no for an answer, you can really petrify him just by giving the idea of responsibility. For most young or irresponsible men nothing is more unattractive then the idea of being a dad, to be stuck with a child for the rest of their lives.

The fake pregnancy payback all  depends on your situation you are in. If you just want your ex to go away and leave you in peace, let one of your friends start a rumour. Have your friend say something along the lines of “you’re pregnant and you’re not sure who the father is”. The reaction of most males will be wait and see. You will then see how quick they will disappear and leave you alone if they are not 100% positive it is theirs.

If you want to use the pregnancy tactic to keep your man around you really do need to tell them you are 100% sure it is their child. You will have at least 3-5 months before you are supposed to be getting bigger. This will give you a good few good months of valuable time to work things out. Just lie and say you went to see the doctor and he said everything is normal.

Women who are really committed to this prank and get all their friends involved knowingly or unknowingly are truly very devious. They sometimes even go to the extreme to send fake stomach and ultrasound pictures. When you think you have tortured him enough you can then fake a miscarriage or just vanish and tell him absolutely nothing. If you really want to rub salt into the wounds you can just tell him the truth and say you was faking it to his face and then commence laughing at him.

This is a very powerful revenge prank and should not be used lightly, you will need to plan your route of attack and to work out what you expect when it is all over and finished with. Ask yourself two simple questions before proceeding, do you want to keep your man, or have you had enough of him pestering you and have exhausted all other ideas and now you just want him to disappear. Whatever you choose good luck.

5 Ideas For Payback On An Ex

If you are looking to get revenge on, an ex or friend, family member and you have access to their underwear drawer you can have enormous amounts of fun. Let’s begin with these classic ideas.

Payback Idea #1

Get hold of a clean pair you know they will be wearing very soon and then turn them inside out. Get some numbing sports cream or cream for haemorrhoids as this works the same and carefully smear some in the crotch area of the underwear. You won’t need much so use sparingly. You don’t want to smear it on to heavily as if it is too greasy or thick the victim will see it, then your time would have been wasted. The victim will not notice it at first but during the day or night they will begin to sweat a little. As soon as the moisture starts to increase the burning will also start and it won’t be a very comfortable experience for the wearer. Payback accomplished.

Payback Idea #2

Another old but good classic is to put itching powder or in their underwear. Almost everyone knows this prank but it is still an awful thing to do to someone. Itching powder is not very nice so be careful not to get it on yourself, or you will be itching like your victim. If you are having problems obtaining itching powder then just type it in Google and hit the search button you will find plenty to choose from.

Payback Idea #3

A variation on #2, but this time you use the stinging power of a fresh chilli. Carefully slice the chilli pepper lengthways and remove the seeds. Next, rub the exposed flesh of the chilli pepper into the crotch area of their underwear and leave to dry back in the drawer. Be careful with chilli peppers though and make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before touching yourself or you will be in just as much pain as your ex!

Payback Idea #4

Messing with a condom is quiet a nasty thing to do to somebody but I am sure some people really do deserve it. Find you’re ex boyfriend’s condom, and now get yourself a syringe for this prank. Now its time for the fun part, fill the syringe with the sports cream or itching powder, you choose.

Do not overdo it only use a little or your ex will see it. Place the needle into the sealed condom package and push a small amount of it in. If you also what to get the victims partner inject both sides of the condom. Now replace the condom where you found it.

Payback Idea #5

You can also inflict the same revenge with hot sauce.Tabascohot sauce is some of the hottest hot sauce I have ever tasted. A quick note – tabasco is not the hottest sauce you can buy, there are many hotter but if you go too hot you will probably end up burning yourself, so my advice is don’t go overboard.

The way I discovered this prank was down to some close friends of mine. Basically they were having an afternoon cooking session, then got a bit carried away and decided to have sex. They described the pain as excruciating and it wouldn’t stop burning even after showering. This prank is pure payback.

Revenge With Answering Machines

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For a great payback tactic, call your marks phone when you know he or she won’t be there to answer it and don’t say anything, just leave the phone off the hook long enough to use up the tape.

Phone your target’s answering machine repeatedly and fill the tape with static noise, vomiting sounds, the sound of a toilet flushing. Your target will have to listen to at least part of each message to ensure that there isn’t an important one among them. 

If your target is married, here is a great revenge tactic get someone of the opposite sex to leave a compromising message along the lines of: ‘Hi darling, I managed to get your phone number from your office. I don’t know why you’re being so secretive—we love each other, don’t we?  Call me today; I’ve got something really important to tell you. Love you. ‘‘If your target is a family man, have a male accomplice call and leave this message: ‘Ah, Mr. Target. Sorry I’ve missed you, but our mutual friend is eager to see the pictures you mentioned. I’ve told him what a little beauty (name of target’s child) is, and he can’t wait to teach him some new games. I’m sure you understand. If the fee we discussed is a problem, I’m sure we can come to a new agreement, but please call me back soon.  Thank you.”

If you have access to your target’s home or business answering machine, substitute your own pre-recorded message tape for your targets. Be creative with this and take your payback tactics to a different level.

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