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Festive Revenge Against Your Boss

December 13, 2012 by  
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A Story That Has Become Our Festive Inspiration…

OK, we have always said that we love receiving your stories and this is the absolute proof. We like to think that we have a pretty comprehensive handle on all things revenge related but every now and then you guys raise the bar for us and inspire us to add something to our range. This is no different. It is the perfect way of taking the Christmas spirit and turning it on it’s head to completely twist your victim’s mood and take them from the festive lights right down into the doldrums.

We were contacted by someone who wanted to remain anonymous, which in many ways is perfect because don’t forget we use a computer generated system to ensure that your identity remains safe for all our revenge products (unless you really want them to know who it is of course!) He had done something new and ingenious and it was regarding that most seasonal of items…the Christmas tree.

Now, Christmas trees in general seem great initially when they are all green and vibrant, but by the middle of January they generally look more than a little bit sad and depressed. We are told that it is important to be green so quite often people will go the extra mile to be eco-friendly in this day and age, especially at Christmas when there is all that good will to be chucked about. Things that normally would just go in the rubbish suddenly get recycled and this gave our mysterious informant an idea.

He had been fired literally days before Christmas. Not only had he been fired, he had been fired because he had been looking after a customer! Apparently, by working hard to save a customer who had a complaint, he had saved them ‘TOO MUCH MONEY’ and as a result he had to be let go. This seemed odd, seeing as they would have lost a lot more money if the customer had gone but the manager, who had been making our friend’s life hell for a while had told him to pack up his desk and ‘get the f*** out’.

So off home our inspiration went and logged onto Craig’s List to take advantage of the good will in the area. He advertised his old boss’s home address as a place to drop off Christmas trees for a ‘community compost drive’. The response was unbelievable and there was great pleasure to be had in driving past his old manager’s home, to see the front garden completely littered with deceased pine trees.

So why is this so great? Well, first of all, it jumps up and down on that giddy eagerness and freshness of a New Year. Secondly, there is the frustration that comes from being the victim of a prank from a completely unknown source. Thirdly, there is the cost. The manager now had about fifty Christmas trees to get rid of and that is a pretty large unexpected cost to come at a time that the purse strings tend to be a little bit tight anyway after festive spending.

We have taken inspiration from this story and will now do the same service for you, putting the required information up on Gumtree/Craig’s List/Community Notice Boards for the relevant area with the guarantee that it can’t be traced back to you. Get in touch today to take advantage of this great festive idea to satisfy your need for revenge.

Ways To Get Revenge – SMS Spam

Full credit goes to Dan at for this tactic, and yes, I did get his permission before making this post :-)

So what’s it all about?

Well Dan noticed that over the past few weeks the number of spam sms messages he’d been receiving had been on the increase. Not only him, but his friends, family and colleagues had also noted an increase in this annoying personal invasion.

If you’ve never received one of these messages, allow me to elaborate.

They are sent from less than scrupulous marketing companies and contain things like:

  • “Records passed to us show you’re entitled to a refund approximately £2560 in compensation of PPI on your credit card or loan. Reply INFO or Stop”
  • “£2009.34 is outstanding in your name as compensation for the accident you had. To get this ASAP reply CLAIM to this message NOW”

The thing is, these messages are sent from a normal mobile phone number, not a short code and so it’s a “real” number. So, never one to miss the opportunity to try a new revenge idea, Dan decided to reply to one of these messages but using a fake SMS service (as offered by and

The victim that Dan chose was one of his ex’s that he is still on talking terms to (he’s a nice guy really!!!) and basically replied to the message…and then sat back and waited.

A couple weeks later, Dan had the opportunity to catch up with his ex at a mutual friends BBQ, but before he went to the BBQ, he’d set a time-released fake SMS message to his own phone “from” one of these companies.

A few minutes before the SMS was to be sent, Dan struck up a conversation with his ex and when the fake SMS arrived, Dan made a comment about how he keeps getting messages like this and it’s really bugging him (clever, eh?). Well, this is all the encouragement his ex needed to launch into a tirade about how one of these so-called companies had the damn cheek to actually phone her to discuss her claim.

She further ranted that the person who called her was more than aggressive with his sales tactic and even phoned her back once she’d hung up on him! Not content with that, over the following days she received further phone calls from the same company saying that “their colleague has passed on your case details”…basically to an even more annoying salesman.

It was after the 3rd phone call that she started to receive SMS messages from all manner of companies offering her all sorts of offers and promotions. She’d also received more cold-calling calls than ever before, at least 2 or 3 per day!

Being the gentleman that Dan is, he just expressed his sympathy and then turned the conversation around to “apart from that, how are you?” (is he smooooooth or what?!?!).

So Dan’s advice is that if you ever receive a marketing SMS message from a company that asks you to text back to them, then do exactly that, BUT, use a fake SMS service and reply using your enemies phone number and then sit back knowing that your victim will be hounded with sales calls for many weeks, months and maybe years to come!


Getting Revenge Using Classified Ads

January 5, 2012 by  
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Classified advertisements in your free local newspapers are not very expensive and sometimes free they are a very good way to tarnish your ex’s squeaky clean image. For example, suppose you had a score to settle with the neighbours’ from hell. You could make up a Classified Ad to “sell” their car. Make the price attractive five to 600 hundred dollars/pounds less than market value for that make of car, instruct the prospective buyers to call after midnight (because you work shift work and this is the only time you are about), and explain in the ad that you are emigrating or moving house so quick cash is needed hence the price being bellow market value. This should attract enough interest to bring the calls coming thick and fast.

You could also put your ex’s house up for sale in Classified Ads. The same as before, ask the potential buyers to either call or visit at hours that will be very inconvenient to your ex.

The “personal columns” in your local free paper can also be a great source of fun. Maybe you could place an ad on behalf of your ex to advertise for “young boy and girl models to pose for ‘art’ pictures.” You should use his/her home number or place of work number here for all the inquiry calls, whichever you think would cause more embarrassing for your ex. Personally I would use their bosses number so the calls go to them, then your ex will have some explaining to do to his/her employer.

Placing ads in your local free paper is easy. Most free local papers will let you do it over the phone or online if you are concerned about your privacy you could always download an install Hide My Ip, and from my experiences the ads are very rarely verified. Don’t try to go overboard with the ad make it as realistic as possible. As with any prank, there has to be a credible amount of reality for this to work.

Although this does not fall into the bracket of classified advertisement, the little index-card notices that people put on ad boards in bars, supermarkets and other public places are also great ways to prank your ex. Just about anything you can find in your local free paper you will find on these personal notice boards. But there are also advantages doing this as they are often free, they don’t cost anything the only cost is just your time and effort into preparing the card ad and posting it, also with this free prank you can be a bit more descriptive, and personal than you can with newspaper advertisements. People seem to stop and read these boards as they are normally placed in areas where you can’t miss them, I know from personal experiences that this is really a good and annoying prank and cost nothing just a moment of your time.

How To Build A Revenge Website

This is a payback prank that is fun to do on your boss, co-workers and ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend. This revenge can be tongue in cheek or as evil as you would like to make it. You need to ask yourself how bad you want to go with this website revenge. If you are planning on getting very spiteful then let me give you a few tips.

You really do want to stay anonymous on this one, trust me. Right from the beginning, you will need to hide your IP address. For the people who are not techie minded let me explain. Your computer has an address which is known as an IP address that leaves it’s calling card on everything you look at on the internet. Techie people can trace anything you do back to your IP address and find you. So it is in your best interest to hide this before you commence with your mission. The best way to do this is to use a program. The program that I have found to be the best is Hide My IP – it does exactly what it says on the tin, and is easy to use.

If you’re planning this as just a friendly prank you will not need to hide your IP. If you’re planning something a little more serious, I suggest you buy Hide My IP and install it before you commence with the rest of this prank.

You will first need to get yourself an email address. Go to Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail and open an account especially for your victim. The second step to this revenge prank is to set up an anonymous website. I would recommend you have a look at a free Geocities Website 

Just use one of the templates they supply to make it easier on yourself. If you’re feeling like being nice just put up stupid pictures and make their interests a bunch of childish things. Say their interests are train spotting, plane spotting, watching paint dry, whatever you like just use your imagination.


If you are feeling not so nice, its time to take it a step further by exposing their sick fetishes. Have a go in Photoshop and create a few fake photos of them. Create a little story to go alongside the fake photos. Then it is time for some advertising, try Craigslist for the area where they live, if you search you will find free advertising.

To really get the most out of creative website revenge send some anonymous emails and anonymous text’s to the victim’s boss, friends and family. Just say something like “I was looking on the internet this morning and came across this website, have you seen it?” or “I can’t believe this is (your victims name) web page, did you know he was a little perverted”, this will cause enough interest for them to look.

This should be enough to get the rumours started and it should start to spread like a virus.

Christmas Payback

December 5, 2011 by  
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Well, Christmas will soon be upon us … for some people, a fantastic time of year, for some people who are maybe missing friends or family members, not a great time. I personally know someone who says that a cup of coffee and a bacon sandwich would be a fantastic Xmas meal if they just knew that their loved ones are warm and safe!

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

ANYHOW – here’s a very simple (and therefore overlooked) tactic which can be employed VERY effectively.

At Xmas time, people send Xmas cards. (Duh!). Especially large companies! The big bosses sign little Xmas cards to staff telling them how much their hard work is appreciated. (yeah right!) we all know this is a buttering up process to try to get you to work harder in the new year.

Now, usually, you would have a problem getting out of the building carrying anything which someone senior had signed, like any sort of report or office memo, but at this time of year you can legitimately go home with your delightful little Xmas card…

Place it straight onto your scanner…

And add the boss’ signature to whatever you wish….

What can this be used for? Really, anything, but I had in mind the following little scenario. Someone you REALLY despise has gone for a job elsewhere. Maybe s/he got the job. So you can now write to the new employer with an ANTI-reference, signed by someone senior from your company. The ANTI-reference will of course call into question your victim’s personal hygiene, their poor attendance, alcoholic tendencies, anonymous letters, in fact any kind of payback you have the imagination to conger up.

The beauty of this is that even when it’s investigated and found to be a fake, you have planted seeds of doubt in the new employer’s mind, and they will be monitoring your victim all the more closely!

(to be really effective, you want the anti-reference to LOOK genuine, so visit your own company’s website, point at the company logo, right click, and select SAVE AS so you can add the logo to your document. Add “registered address” in the footer, really go to town. I use Open-Office rather than MS-Office, but whatever you have available. Also, use a ‘heavyweight’ paper, maybe 100gsm, not cheap copier paper. Heavier paper always seems a little more ‘formal’)

This is the time of year for goodwill and joy to all men, or payback and revenge. Take your pick.

Here is my gift to you, my free payback idea.


Alvin The Chipmunk Delivers Bad News

October 20, 2011 by  
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I recently discoved that the guys from have started a new service of delivering messages.

This is truly brilliant and absolutely hilarious!

It really fits all 3 requirements of getting revenge:

  1. it is legal
  2. it will devastate your enemy
  3. it is side splittingly funny

Apparently, as the story goes, this  guy Randy is a class 1 jerk, always bragging about his great life and so on around the office. The only achilles heel is that his girlfriend has a bit of a reputation …

…well, that is all that was needed as inspiration for this video message!

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