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Ways To Get Revenge – Fake Pregnancy Revenge

December 20, 2011 by  
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Fake Pregnancy Revenge this is by far one of the nastiest pranks you can do to an ex. This revenge idea has been around for hundreds of years, and it still works. Women have used the fake pregnancy tactic to get control and intimidate men since time existed.

There are a lot of women out there who have faked being pregnant just to keep the man in her life and manipulate them into doing things just by the power of intimidation. The fake pregnancy prank is one of the most powerful revenge tactics a woman can have in her payback arsenal.

The fake pregnancy tactic can also be used to keep a man out of your life. If you have an ex boyfriend who just won’t stop pestering you and wont take no for an answer, you can really petrify him just by giving the idea of responsibility. For most young or irresponsible men nothing is more unattractive then the idea of being a dad, to be stuck with a child for the rest of their lives.

The fake pregnancy payback all  depends on your situation you are in. If you just want your ex to go away and leave you in peace, let one of your friends start a rumour. Have your friend say something along the lines of “you’re pregnant and you’re not sure who the father is”. The reaction of most males will be wait and see. You will then see how quick they will disappear and leave you alone if they are not 100% positive it is theirs.

If you want to use the pregnancy tactic to keep your man around you really do need to tell them you are 100% sure it is their child. You will have at least 3-5 months before you are supposed to be getting bigger. This will give you a good few good months of valuable time to work things out. Just lie and say you went to see the doctor and he said everything is normal.

Women who are really committed to this prank and get all their friends involved knowingly or unknowingly are truly very devious. They sometimes even go to the extreme to send fake stomach and ultrasound pictures. When you think you have tortured him enough you can then fake a miscarriage or just vanish and tell him absolutely nothing. If you really want to rub salt into the wounds you can just tell him the truth and say you was faking it to his face and then commence laughing at him.

This is a very powerful revenge prank and should not be used lightly, you will need to plan your route of attack and to work out what you expect when it is all over and finished with. Ask yourself two simple questions before proceeding, do you want to keep your man, or have you had enough of him pestering you and have exhausted all other ideas and now you just want him to disappear. Whatever you choose good luck.

How To Build A Revenge Website

This is a payback prank that is fun to do on your boss, co-workers and ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend. This revenge can be tongue in cheek or as evil as you would like to make it. You need to ask yourself how bad you want to go with this website revenge. If you are planning on getting very spiteful then let me give you a few tips.

You really do want to stay anonymous on this one, trust me. Right from the beginning, you will need to hide your IP address. For the people who are not techie minded let me explain. Your computer has an address which is known as an IP address that leaves it’s calling card on everything you look at on the internet. Techie people can trace anything you do back to your IP address and find you. So it is in your best interest to hide this before you commence with your mission. The best way to do this is to use a program. The program that I have found to be the best is Hide My IP – it does exactly what it says on the tin, and is easy to use.

If you’re planning this as just a friendly prank you will not need to hide your IP. If you’re planning something a little more serious, I suggest you buy Hide My IP and install it before you commence with the rest of this prank.

You will first need to get yourself an email address. Go to Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail and open an account especially for your victim. The second step to this revenge prank is to set up an anonymous website. I would recommend you have a look at a free Geocities Website 

Just use one of the templates they supply to make it easier on yourself. If you’re feeling like being nice just put up stupid pictures and make their interests a bunch of childish things. Say their interests are train spotting, plane spotting, watching paint dry, whatever you like just use your imagination.


If you are feeling not so nice, its time to take it a step further by exposing their sick fetishes. Have a go in Photoshop and create a few fake photos of them. Create a little story to go alongside the fake photos. Then it is time for some advertising, try Craigslist for the area where they live, if you search you will find free advertising.

To really get the most out of creative website revenge send some anonymous emails and anonymous text’s to the victim’s boss, friends and family. Just say something like “I was looking on the internet this morning and came across this website, have you seen it?” or “I can’t believe this is (your victims name) web page, did you know he was a little perverted”, this will cause enough interest for them to look.

This should be enough to get the rumours started and it should start to spread like a virus.

Revenge Letters – Ideas For Revenge

I’ve just finished creating a video based on the latest newsletter from the team at Get Revenge On Your Ex

Their latest newsletter was all about sending revenge letters and as I’ve got far too much time on my hands I decided to put their newsletter to video:

Obviously, all the ideas are theirs, but I did ask them for permission before doing it….

…oh, and they asked that I put this bit in my post:

If you are looking to get revenge, then visit and our sister site

… there you go guys! All done :-)


Report Your Enemy’s Crime – Anonymously

November 11, 2011 by  
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We all know that our mark has got something to hide. Everyone has done something on occassion that is against the law and surely, as a responsible citizen, then it is your duty to do something about it.

Look in the local paper, or hear on the local radio about crimes that have happened recently in your area … then just have a good hard think about it … surely it was your enemy who did these crimes?

So, what would a good citizen do about it?

Yhep – they’d report it to the police … but because your mark is so evil, you fear retribution.

This is a valid concern and is why a quick Google search of “Crime Stoppers” will provide you with an appropriate link to your local crime stopper website.

All of these sites have a page where you can provide information anonymously.

So, all you have to do is supply the information you “know” … and the police will do the rest for you.

Revenge Through Security

November 3, 2011 by  
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Is your ex friend a health freak?

You know – the type of person who cycles everywhere while you take the car.

I’m sure we all know someone like this and isn’t it about time that they were taken down a peg or two…

…yhep, I think so too :-) Glad we agree

Well, as a concerned citizen (and who isn’t these days given all those nasty people out there who want revenge), I think it’s your duty to ensure that your ex friend protects their pride and joy.

Yeah, they may well have a padlock for their bike, but is it good enough???

And even if it is, surely 2 padlocks are better than 1?

If you’ve not worked it out yet…here’s the revenge plan:

  • when your “friend” next goes out somewhere on their bike, follow them
  • once they’ve got to their destination and padlocked their bike, make sure that they are out of view and then apply your own super-duper-extra-thief-resistant-padlock to their bike as well
  • retire to a safe distance and wait for their return!

Best of all, as you are not damaging their bike, this tactic is 100% completely legal :-)

top tip: for maximum effect make sure to attach the padlock when they are somewhere where they cannot easily get access to tools to try and remove your padlock!

Exposing An Ex Friend’s Secret Via Video

October 20, 2011 by  
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I have to say that this has got to be the funniest way of exposing a friend’s (or an ex friend’s) secret.

What’s more I am prepared to make a prediction … we will see a lot more of these in the future!

Watch this video and then just imagine how the guy felt!!!

Embedly Powered

The scenario behind this is that one of Steve’s ex friends found out about the affar and he decided to let everyone know about it.

The problem was, how to tell people without repercussions and so what he ended up doing is working with the guys at GetRevengeOnYourEx to create this video message and send it as a viral email message to all of Steves’ friends and business associates.