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Revenge By Post

November 30, 2011 by  
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This technique for getting even is what I call Revenge by Post, and it is perfect to get your own back on a ex partner, co-worker or boss. It uses the embarrassment technique that will be used to deliver your anonymous revenge, so it helps if your “mark” is the type easily embarrassed.


Find an empty cardboard box, glue on an address label to the place where your target works. Now comes the creative bit, you need to get a nice big label printed on your computer with something really embarrassing on it. Here are some ideas I have thought of:

STD Home Test Kit

Brenda Big Boobs Blow Up Doll

Heavy Duty Penis Enlarger

Have a good think and something will spring to mind – when you come up with the idea which is perfect for you and the situation. The key is to make the parcel look like it as an official package, you can use a computer to print labels, and maybe a fragile or THIS WAY UP sticker on it too just to add some authenticity. Now the second step is to find a way to post the package anonymously to your target. Do not send in the city or town where you live! This idea for revenge works really well if the target is working in an open office and the mail is delivered centrally, so there is no escape from the embarrassment when your package arrives! Revenge By Post-mission complete.

Revenge Letters – Ideas For Revenge

I’ve just finished creating a video based on the latest newsletter from the team at Get Revenge On Your Ex

Their latest newsletter was all about sending revenge letters and as I’ve got far too much time on my hands I decided to put their newsletter to video:

Obviously, all the ideas are theirs, but I did ask them for permission before doing it….

…oh, and they asked that I put this bit in my post:

If you are looking to get revenge, then visit and our sister site

… there you go guys! All done :-)



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** I want to tell everyone what an incredible success I had with ordering a voodoo spell from this site **

Sure, some people will think it’s just a scam, just another chancer on the Internet preying on gullible people, (and I understand why people might think that way), but I guarantee you, THIS REALLY HAPPENED!!

We went through a very bad phase at work and over about 5 weeks I clocked up A LOT of extra hours.

Some days I would be in work first thing to get things started, then as and when someone came in to take over from me, I would go home, get a few hours sleep, then be back at work to do my normal shift, AND WORK EXTRA into the evening. You get the picture. Finally, when the team was back up to strength, the company gave me awesome holiday :-) “Oh, but, can you come into work for a couple of hours? Team meeting”

Long story short – in the meeting a stroppy piece of work who contributed NOTHING during the team’s bad phase launched an underhanded character assassination against me – I was (apparently) a lazy good for nothing who never did any work, and I didn’t know HOW to do my job either?

Can you believe it? Who was putting in all the overtime? Oh yeah, that was ME!

It was very depressing and upsetting to hear, and more so that management seemed to be willing to listen to AND BELIEVE all of this cr*p. I just couldn’t get my head straight! What was the point of me putting all of the effort in? In fact what was the point of ANYTHING? Might just as well give up the job (which I enjoyed!) and go and do something else, if my efforts were so unappreciated?

I can’t explain it rationally, but I felt “drawn to” the Voodoo Spells banner on the site. It “felt right”.

(and by the way “Voodoo” in this context is not a matter of sticking pins in dolls)

High Priest Jean Emmanuel is an incredibly courteous person, he made sure that he fully understood my situation, and he explained to me the basics of the Voodoo process, (which I won’t repeat here, because I don’t think it’s my place to comment on things which I’m absolutely not qualified to discuss), but he did it in terms which “made sense” to me.

He was at pains to explain that he couldn’t predict EXACTLY how the Voodoo forces would work, but he said that things would improve for me, (I would feel more positive, and so I would perform in my job well, which would reinforce the positive feelings – a nice upward spiral), and that stroppy piece of work would suffer – NOT in the sense of breaking limbs, crashing the car or anything like that (!) and I wouldn’t have wanted that even if it was on offer. BUT people would start to see her for the nasty piece of work that she really is, that she would likely be distracted, and increasingly make mistakes at work which would in turn increasingly break down her false persona and help people see the real nasty piece of work she is – a negative downward spiral!


Now each and every day I wake up energized and motivated, I go to work and do my job to the best of my ability, which has drawn praise from various sources which encourages me to deliver the best I can. And the other person is one very unhappy person just now, her work is now SERIOUSLY not up to standard, there’s many complaints about her, which is obviously depressing and upsetting her, and so her work is suffering more …..

I was very honest with High Priest Jean Emmanuel, and I think that’s important if you want something like this to work properly. I totally promise you, I was NOT required to do anything nasty in a graveyard at midnight, nor anything else which you might associate with Voodoo from watching horror films. My decision to approach him was based on a very genuine belief that this situation was TOTALLY UNFAIR, I wasn’t asking for him to do “evil work”, it sounds a bit much, but I wanted JUSTICE.

Best decision I’ve made in a very long time. I will be forever grateful for everything High Priest Jean Emmanuel has done for me!!

Reasons To Get Revenge

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The list of reasons why you might take revenge are endless, but if you read this I suspect that either you are just curious about the contents of this article, or you already have one person, people or businesses in mind because you feel you have been damaged in some way and think they deserve to be punished.

Some of the main reasons why you may want to take revenge are as follows:

 1) A husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend was unfaithful to you.

 2) An ex-partner lies about you to others, you were the cause of all problems in the   former relationship, while she is just the victim.

 3) Your neighbours are loud, rude or inconsiderate to you.

 4) A colleague is “complaining” about you behind your back, or generally makes your work life day to day more unbearable.

 5) Your employer has a way to dismiss you, although unfair, made it highly unlikely you will ever get another post within the company.

 Regardless of which category does your revenge fall, most of the following top tips used will give you a great feeling of satisfaction and a feeling that  justice has finally been done, or at least you will feel much better about the situation, especially knowing that some of your frustrations are vented, and injustice put right.

Revenge Top Tips

 1) Suppose you know the vehicle your “target” drives, then find suitable rubber gloves and then find a generous handful of dog poo and squidge firmly under the door handles of the vehicle. I’m going to leave it to your imagination what happens next, but if you can find a suitable place to hide and watch it is well worth the effort.

 2) Similar to number 1, with dog poop again force a generous amount into the ventilation slots on the top of the hood. This will begin to cook and waft through the interior of the vehicle next time the heaters or fans are turned on.

 3) Block the exhaust of your targets vehicle with a large potato or something similar. This is an old trick, and prevents the vehicle from starting. You would be amazed how long it takes for most people to understand why but cannot start their car, and by the time they have often they have called a mechanic to shed some light on the problem which is a total waste of time.

 4) Wait until the target goes on vacation, and then put water through their letter box with a plastic bottle, watering can, etc. Follow this with a generous handful of fast growing grass seed or cress and wait for the target to return!

 5) Complete every magazine coupon and online form you can find so that it will result in endless junk mail. Use the marks name and address for delivery. If you do this correctly, they will have piles of junk mail arrive on a daily basis. If you really vindictive and you know the mark is a married man, then you can also ensure that as many lingerie, and gay magazine catalogues are included in mailings sent to them. Look on the back of the national newspapers for ads that give you ideas, and who will allow you to mail these catalogues for free

 6) Another old idea, if you get access to a key to their apartment while they are travelling or out for a few days, carefully dial the Australian speaking clock from their phone and just leave the phone off the hook until the mark returns from their holiday or weekend away.

 7) Try to get a picture of your mark and create an ad that you can use on the bulletin boards and telephone boxes, to advertise their dubious “services” and don’t forget to use their phone number.

 8) Write a hub article that is well defined as to what that person has done to you or your company, etc, but only use the first names of the people that were involved, and you will not be able to be prosecuted for slander (especially if the facts and the evidence or witness statements are true).

 9) Scatter your mark’s car with birdseed all over the car in the middle of the night, so that by the time they wake up, the car has so many feathered visitors that they had literally covered in bird S ** t from bonnet to boot.

 10) Phone up Loan Company with the target’s name and phone number. Many of these loan companies or brokers for loan companies and are required to dispose of as much money as possible and will keep calling them for many months after the initial call, even if they say several times that a loan is not required, these companies can be very persistent and very annoying.

 11) If you have a key or can get access to your mark’s home, then you can turn their heating to maximum and then put glue on the switch so it prevents them from turning it down. This is especially effective in high summer.

 12) Place a handful of pebbles in the hubcaps of a car this will cause considerable noise when the car is driven, and they will think it is more serious then it actually is.

 13) Get a free sample of shampoo or conditioner by approaching a company online. Carefully empty replace the majority of the products from the bottle with depilatory cream. A scan of the letter headed paper from the manufacturer (deleting the text), type a new letter suggesting for best results that they leave the product for at least 10 to 15 minutes. The results are very satisfactory for you but for them not so satisfying.

 14) Send your ex a picture of you looking very pleased with your new partner, this will really get to them.

 15) Take a role of plastic wrap either the industrial pallet stuff or just the domestic kitchen roll will do, and totally cover the marks car, so that the doors will not open.

 16) Wait until your boss is about to do a slide presentation for potentially new clients, and try to smuggle pornographic images into the mix of slides. Just be very careful that there is no way they knew you were behind this, or it could be very difficult to secure future employment, in any other company.

 17) Spread rumours that your ex was really bad in bed and doesn’t function properly in bed, and that was the real reason for ending the relationship.

 18) Phone the company and tell them that you are their medical specialist and that you need to meet the target as quickly as possible to speak to them regarding a possible infection they have and risk to the public if they come into contact with him.

 19) Clog their e-mail accounts with spam mail. If you look on the web i am sure you will be able to set up a spam account especially for them

 20) A brilliant idea but really cruel to inflict some pain on unfaithful partner. Is to rub chilly or mustard powder into the crotch of their underwear, it will have them screaming in seconds.


So basically the only limitation is your imagination and the risk of getting caught. Make sure that what you are doing is not so illegal, and you will probably not create a major police investigation, as is often the best revenge tactics are the simplest.

Some people will say “move on, enjoy your life, this is the best revenge,” but I fear that for many of us that just is not enough, and we will rage about it and it will eat away at us to the end of our days unless we feel the person or persons who caused us such pain were punished. Trust your instincts and do nothing that will cause you will end up in prison, (nothing is worth losing your freedom for their own).

Writing The Perfect Revenge

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I don’t know about you, but unless it’s junk mail, I always open my post.

 Perhaps it’s because of some distant childhood memory of me playing postman at the weekends and rushing to collect the post from the front door to deliver to my parents.

 Whatever it is though, even to this day, I look forward to getting something in the post … and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

 In this age of emails and text messages, letters somehow seem to carry a lot more authority and for those of us who like getting revenge, this means that we have a perfect tool for delivering a powerful message.

 But the question is, who should you write to and what should you say?

 This all depends upon what it is that you want to achieve and obviously you know your situation better than we do, but how about some of these:

 - – - -

 Write an angry letter from your ex to the local authority/garbage collection company complaining that the workers on his route aren’t picking up all the rubbish, or are littering, shouting obscenities, making passes at your teenage daughter etc. The company boss will be legally obliged to call a “team meeting” to discuss the complaint and without a shadow of a doubt, the garbage team will soon zero in on the “liar” on their route.

 - – - -

 With the holiday season fast approaching (where has this year gone!!!), many companies will be holding office parties and other social events. If your ex traditionally has one of these, then a letter to the company’s owner or HR department reminding them that last year your ex sexually assaulted members of staff while partying to excess. As a concerned employee, could they issue a formal memo reminding staff to behave appropriately. While your ex will not be named in the memo, rumours and gossip spread like wild fire in most offices and so the damage will have been done.

 - – - -

 Most tax authorities and other legal departments have a postal contact address. Simply write to the authority of your choosing disclosing some irregularities or concerns you have about your ex’s tax returns, undeclared income from a side business etc

 If you don’t want to write about tax, then Google “crime stoppers” to find your local branch. They too will have an anonymous “whistle blower” address where you can alert the authorities to an alleged crime.

 - – - -

 If you’re ex lives in a neighbourhood, then surely the neighbours should be alerted to what is really happening at your ex’s house.

 Wouldn’t you want to know if there was satan worship going on across the road to you? Or a small scale pornography production studio?

 If your ex has a new car or other visible home improvement, then alert the neighbours that the reason they can afford this new luxury (especially in the current economic climate) is because of their drug dealing.

 Has there been a spate of thefts in the local area – alert the neighbours to your concerns that your ex may well have something to do with this.

 - – - -

 We could go on forever with these ideas but as mentioned earlier, you know your ex’s situation better than we do and so you are best placed to be creative…what we’ve given above are just some theme examples to get your creative juices flowing.

 To further inspire you to write a letter look at this range of letters, packages and cards.

 Happy writing!

Report Your Enemy’s Crime – Anonymously

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We all know that our mark has got something to hide. Everyone has done something on occassion that is against the law and surely, as a responsible citizen, then it is your duty to do something about it.

Look in the local paper, or hear on the local radio about crimes that have happened recently in your area … then just have a good hard think about it … surely it was your enemy who did these crimes?

So, what would a good citizen do about it?

Yhep – they’d report it to the police … but because your mark is so evil, you fear retribution.

This is a valid concern and is why a quick Google search of “Crime Stoppers” will provide you with an appropriate link to your local crime stopper website.

All of these sites have a page where you can provide information anonymously.

So, all you have to do is supply the information you “know” … and the police will do the rest for you.

Photoshop Revenge

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Ask any competent photographer or Photoshop artist, who also has some sense of humour, about composite photographs. They’re easy to make — the tabloids have been using them for years. It’s a photo where someone has been added to a group, someone’s face has been used on the body of another person, or an entirely new photograph is created simply by using composite parts.

This is a very useful dirty trick and one that bears the stamp of approval of the CIA and the FBI. For years, they used a badly done composite photo as “evidence” that Lee Harvey Oswald was John Kennedy’s killer — a totally preposterous lie. That famous photo showing Oswald holding a rifle and a Communist journal graced the cover of LIFE magazine. It’s a composite photograph — a fake photo. That’s not Lee Oswald. So, if the CIA and FBI can fool millions of Americans, surely you can use composite photos to good advantage, if you too want to make someone out to be a patsy.

Unless you’re competent in photography, Photoshop, including copying, darkroom technique, and minor retouching/airbrushing, you’d best forget this one — unless you have a very trusted friend who will help you. However, done well, the uses of composites are limited only by your imagination. Here are some examples:

 1. “photo” showing the mark leaving a motel room with a person of the opposite sex.

 2. “photo” sent anonymously to the police showing the mark or the mark‘s vehicle engaged in some illegal activity like poaching, dealing drugs, or corrupting the morals of minors. Be sure the license number of the vehicle is visible.

 3. “photo” showing the mark‘s spouse nude and in a compromising pose with a companion — human, animal, or whatever.

 4. “photo” showing the mark in a compromising situation with a person of the same sex could be sent to the mark‘s employer.

Alternatively find a site that has a good Photoshop artist, who will do fake photos to your specification.

Wouldn’t You Just Love To Send This To Your Boss!

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Ok, so not everyone has an asshole for a boss … but what if you do?

They make your daily life hell on earth and all you want to do is do a good job for a proper salary and get them to leave you alone!

Well, the guys at GROYE are about to launch a new video messaging service where you can send your boss a video message that they’ll never forget.

This video is just a sample – the GROYE team will personalise your video for you!!!


Six Steps To Ensure Successful Revenge

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Plan all details before you take any action at all. If your campaign involves a series of actions, make a chronological chart, and then coordinate your efforts. Make a list of possible problems. Plan what you’ll do if you get caught — depending upon who catches you. You must have very option, contingency, action, reaction, and evaluation planned in advance.


Play like a real intelligence operative and compile a file on your mark. How detailed and thorough you are depends upon your plans for the mark. For a simple get-even number, you obviously need less intelligence than if you’re planning an involved, time-release campaign. Before you start spying, Get Payback: Make a written list of all the important things you need to know about the target — be it a person, company, or institution.


Any supplies, materials or services you need must be purchased away from where you live. Buy way in advance and pay in cash. Try to be as inconspicuous and as anonymous as possible. Don’t talk unnecessarily with people. The best rule here is a spook’s favourite — a good agent will get lost in a – crowd of one. The idea is for people not to remember you.


Don’t get cocky, cute ‘n clever and start dropping hints about who’s doing what to whom. I know that sounds stupid, but some would-be tricksters are gabby. Of course, in some of the cases this will not apply, e.g., unselling car customers at the dealership, or other tricks in which the scenario demands your personal involvement.


If accused, act shocked, hurt, outraged, or amused, which-ever seems most appropriate. Deny everything, unless, again, your plan involves overt personal involvement. If you’re working covert, stay that way. The only cool badass out of Watergate was Gordon Liddy, and he kept his mouth shut


Normally, harassment of a citizen is a low priority case with the police. The person’s priority increases along with his socio-financial position in the community and with his political connections. If you are at war with a corporation, utility or institution, that’s a different ball game. They often have private security people, sometimes retired federal or state investigators. So, by habit, these people may not play according to the law either. if you play dirty tricks upon a governmental body be prepared to have a case opened. But, how hard it is followed depends upon a lot of factors. Under-standing all this ahead of time is part of your intelligence planning before you get started in action. The best advice I can offer is to know the law, know your rights, know the risks, weigh the risks, plan everything ahead of time in detail, be careful, and don’t get caught. If you do get caught don’t admit anything to anyone . . . maybe not even to your barrister, stay anonymous. He may not want to know, anyway.

Revenge Through Security

November 3, 2011 by  
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Is your ex friend a health freak?

You know – the type of person who cycles everywhere while you take the car.

I’m sure we all know someone like this and isn’t it about time that they were taken down a peg or two…

…yhep, I think so too :-) Glad we agree

Well, as a concerned citizen (and who isn’t these days given all those nasty people out there who want revenge), I think it’s your duty to ensure that your ex friend protects their pride and joy.

Yeah, they may well have a padlock for their bike, but is it good enough???

And even if it is, surely 2 padlocks are better than 1?

If you’ve not worked it out yet…here’s the revenge plan:

  • when your “friend” next goes out somewhere on their bike, follow them
  • once they’ve got to their destination and padlocked their bike, make sure that they are out of view and then apply your own super-duper-extra-thief-resistant-padlock to their bike as well
  • retire to a safe distance and wait for their return!

Best of all, as you are not damaging their bike, this tactic is 100% completely legal :-)

top tip: for maximum effect make sure to attach the padlock when they are somewhere where they cannot easily get access to tools to try and remove your padlock!