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Ways To Get Revenge – Fake Pregnancy Revenge

December 20, 2011 by  
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Fake Pregnancy Revenge this is by far one of the nastiest pranks you can do to an ex. This revenge idea has been around for hundreds of years, and it still works. Women have used the fake pregnancy tactic to get control and intimidate men since time existed.

There are a lot of women out there who have faked being pregnant just to keep the man in her life and manipulate them into doing things just by the power of intimidation. The fake pregnancy prank is one of the most powerful revenge tactics a woman can have in her payback arsenal.

The fake pregnancy tactic can also be used to keep a man out of your life. If you have an ex boyfriend who just won’t stop pestering you and wont take no for an answer, you can really petrify him just by giving the idea of responsibility. For most young or irresponsible men nothing is more unattractive then the idea of being a dad, to be stuck with a child for the rest of their lives.

The fake pregnancy payback all  depends on your situation you are in. If you just want your ex to go away and leave you in peace, let one of your friends start a rumour. Have your friend say something along the lines of “you’re pregnant and you’re not sure who the father is”. The reaction of most males will be wait and see. You will then see how quick they will disappear and leave you alone if they are not 100% positive it is theirs.

If you want to use the pregnancy tactic to keep your man around you really do need to tell them you are 100% sure it is their child. You will have at least 3-5 months before you are supposed to be getting bigger. This will give you a good few good months of valuable time to work things out. Just lie and say you went to see the doctor and he said everything is normal.

Women who are really committed to this prank and get all their friends involved knowingly or unknowingly are truly very devious. They sometimes even go to the extreme to send fake stomach and ultrasound pictures. When you think you have tortured him enough you can then fake a miscarriage or just vanish and tell him absolutely nothing. If you really want to rub salt into the wounds you can just tell him the truth and say you was faking it to his face and then commence laughing at him.

This is a very powerful revenge prank and should not be used lightly, you will need to plan your route of attack and to work out what you expect when it is all over and finished with. Ask yourself two simple questions before proceeding, do you want to keep your man, or have you had enough of him pestering you and have exhausted all other ideas and now you just want him to disappear. Whatever you choose good luck.

5 Ideas For Payback On An Ex

If you are looking to get revenge on, an ex or friend, family member and you have access to their underwear drawer you can have enormous amounts of fun. Let’s begin with these classic ideas.

Payback Idea #1

Get hold of a clean pair you know they will be wearing very soon and then turn them inside out. Get some numbing sports cream or cream for haemorrhoids as this works the same and carefully smear some in the crotch area of the underwear. You won’t need much so use sparingly. You don’t want to smear it on to heavily as if it is too greasy or thick the victim will see it, then your time would have been wasted. The victim will not notice it at first but during the day or night they will begin to sweat a little. As soon as the moisture starts to increase the burning will also start and it won’t be a very comfortable experience for the wearer. Payback accomplished.

Payback Idea #2

Another old but good classic is to put itching powder or in their underwear. Almost everyone knows this prank but it is still an awful thing to do to someone. Itching powder is not very nice so be careful not to get it on yourself, or you will be itching like your victim. If you are having problems obtaining itching powder then just type it in Google and hit the search button you will find plenty to choose from.

Payback Idea #3

A variation on #2, but this time you use the stinging power of a fresh chilli. Carefully slice the chilli pepper lengthways and remove the seeds. Next, rub the exposed flesh of the chilli pepper into the crotch area of their underwear and leave to dry back in the drawer. Be careful with chilli peppers though and make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before touching yourself or you will be in just as much pain as your ex!

Payback Idea #4

Messing with a condom is quiet a nasty thing to do to somebody but I am sure some people really do deserve it. Find you’re ex boyfriend’s condom, and now get yourself a syringe for this prank. Now its time for the fun part, fill the syringe with the sports cream or itching powder, you choose.

Do not overdo it only use a little or your ex will see it. Place the needle into the sealed condom package and push a small amount of it in. If you also what to get the victims partner inject both sides of the condom. Now replace the condom where you found it.

Payback Idea #5

You can also inflict the same revenge with hot sauce.Tabascohot sauce is some of the hottest hot sauce I have ever tasted. A quick note – tabasco is not the hottest sauce you can buy, there are many hotter but if you go too hot you will probably end up burning yourself, so my advice is don’t go overboard.

The way I discovered this prank was down to some close friends of mine. Basically they were having an afternoon cooking session, then got a bit carried away and decided to have sex. They described the pain as excruciating and it wouldn’t stop burning even after showering. This prank is pure payback.

How To Build A Revenge Website

This is a payback prank that is fun to do on your boss, co-workers and ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend. This revenge can be tongue in cheek or as evil as you would like to make it. You need to ask yourself how bad you want to go with this website revenge. If you are planning on getting very spiteful then let me give you a few tips.

You really do want to stay anonymous on this one, trust me. Right from the beginning, you will need to hide your IP address. For the people who are not techie minded let me explain. Your computer has an address which is known as an IP address that leaves it’s calling card on everything you look at on the internet. Techie people can trace anything you do back to your IP address and find you. So it is in your best interest to hide this before you commence with your mission. The best way to do this is to use a program. The program that I have found to be the best is Hide My IP – it does exactly what it says on the tin, and is easy to use.

If you’re planning this as just a friendly prank you will not need to hide your IP. If you’re planning something a little more serious, I suggest you buy Hide My IP and install it before you commence with the rest of this prank.

You will first need to get yourself an email address. Go to Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail and open an account especially for your victim. The second step to this revenge prank is to set up an anonymous website. I would recommend you have a look at a free Geocities Website 

Just use one of the templates they supply to make it easier on yourself. If you’re feeling like being nice just put up stupid pictures and make their interests a bunch of childish things. Say their interests are train spotting, plane spotting, watching paint dry, whatever you like just use your imagination.


If you are feeling not so nice, its time to take it a step further by exposing their sick fetishes. Have a go in Photoshop and create a few fake photos of them. Create a little story to go alongside the fake photos. Then it is time for some advertising, try Craigslist for the area where they live, if you search you will find free advertising.

To really get the most out of creative website revenge send some anonymous emails and anonymous text’s to the victim’s boss, friends and family. Just say something like “I was looking on the internet this morning and came across this website, have you seen it?” or “I can’t believe this is (your victims name) web page, did you know he was a little perverted”, this will cause enough interest for them to look.

This should be enough to get the rumours started and it should start to spread like a virus.

Christmas Payback

December 5, 2011 by  
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Well, Christmas will soon be upon us … for some people, a fantastic time of year, for some people who are maybe missing friends or family members, not a great time. I personally know someone who says that a cup of coffee and a bacon sandwich would be a fantastic Xmas meal if they just knew that their loved ones are warm and safe!

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

ANYHOW – here’s a very simple (and therefore overlooked) tactic which can be employed VERY effectively.

At Xmas time, people send Xmas cards. (Duh!). Especially large companies! The big bosses sign little Xmas cards to staff telling them how much their hard work is appreciated. (yeah right!) we all know this is a buttering up process to try to get you to work harder in the new year.

Now, usually, you would have a problem getting out of the building carrying anything which someone senior had signed, like any sort of report or office memo, but at this time of year you can legitimately go home with your delightful little Xmas card…

Place it straight onto your scanner…

And add the boss’ signature to whatever you wish….

What can this be used for? Really, anything, but I had in mind the following little scenario. Someone you REALLY despise has gone for a job elsewhere. Maybe s/he got the job. So you can now write to the new employer with an ANTI-reference, signed by someone senior from your company. The ANTI-reference will of course call into question your victim’s personal hygiene, their poor attendance, alcoholic tendencies, anonymous letters, in fact any kind of payback you have the imagination to conger up.

The beauty of this is that even when it’s investigated and found to be a fake, you have planted seeds of doubt in the new employer’s mind, and they will be monitoring your victim all the more closely!

(to be really effective, you want the anti-reference to LOOK genuine, so visit your own company’s website, point at the company logo, right click, and select SAVE AS so you can add the logo to your document. Add “registered address” in the footer, really go to town. I use Open-Office rather than MS-Office, but whatever you have available. Also, use a ‘heavyweight’ paper, maybe 100gsm, not cheap copier paper. Heavier paper always seems a little more ‘formal’)

This is the time of year for goodwill and joy to all men, or payback and revenge. Take your pick.

Here is my gift to you, my free payback idea.


Revenge With Answering Machines

December 5, 2011 by  
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For a great payback tactic, call your marks phone when you know he or she won’t be there to answer it and don’t say anything, just leave the phone off the hook long enough to use up the tape.

Phone your target’s answering machine repeatedly and fill the tape with static noise, vomiting sounds, the sound of a toilet flushing. Your target will have to listen to at least part of each message to ensure that there isn’t an important one among them. 

If your target is married, here is a great revenge tactic get someone of the opposite sex to leave a compromising message along the lines of: ‘Hi darling, I managed to get your phone number from your office. I don’t know why you’re being so secretive—we love each other, don’t we?  Call me today; I’ve got something really important to tell you. Love you. ‘‘If your target is a family man, have a male accomplice call and leave this message: ‘Ah, Mr. Target. Sorry I’ve missed you, but our mutual friend is eager to see the pictures you mentioned. I’ve told him what a little beauty (name of target’s child) is, and he can’t wait to teach him some new games. I’m sure you understand. If the fee we discussed is a problem, I’m sure we can come to a new agreement, but please call me back soon.  Thank you.”

If you have access to your target’s home or business answering machine, substitute your own pre-recorded message tape for your targets. Be creative with this and take your payback tactics to a different level.

Ho Ho Ho Christmas Revenge

December 2, 2011 by  
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Those crazy guys at Get Revenge On Your Ex have done it again, it’s that time of the year again for Christmas spirit and good will to all men, but with a difference!

Once again, this year, they have just designed a unique set of nasty Christmas cards which can be sent anonymously to an ex girlfriend, ex boyfriend, or even if you fancy a little bit of revenge on your boss there is a card here to suit everyone’s needs.

So this year if you fancy a little Payback, Revenge and a laugh along the way, go to and choose your nasty Christmas card, sometimes payback can be so much fun.