Great Way To Get Rid Of Your Boss

We’ve all had a boss who is a nightmare.

For me, he was called Stephen Crandall and if you Google his dad’s name (Bob Crandall), you’ll see that he was a spoilt rich kid who’s dad (Bob and the head of American Airlines) basically paid for his entry to uni and just so happened to be buddies with the CEO of the company we both worked for.

Anyway, this Stephen was a complete asshole – mouthed off all the time, just shouted louder than anyone else to get his point across and yet everyone knew he didn’t have a clue what he was talking about etc

Still, on a day-to-day basis he made everyone’s life hell … so what could we do?

Well a couple of things really.

One was that someone in the office, knew someone who knew someone and basically his house got broken into a couple of times (all say “aaahhhhhh”).

And while this really pissed him off, he was still with us which didn’t really help.

So it was on to plan B …

…over a period of about 6 weeks, every day we all (and I mean about 20 of us in the office) sent him job adverts taken from the business press.

These were sent by internal and external post, with no notes attached, just newspaper clippings and photocopies.

20 people, 30 days and on average 15 job adverts = 900 job adverts

Needless to say, he got the message!

And this was back in 1999, so long before the internet had such great job sites such as, etc

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