Revenge Using Voodoo

I have just found this article on and have, with their permission, copied it here.

This site advertises a voodoo spell service called which is for High Priest Jean Emmanuel.

The guys at GROYE have been using and recommending Jean Emmanuel for nearly a year now and the results are actually quite scary!!!

However, not all spells have to be bad as this testimonial from a lady in Washington, US called Sandrine recounts:

I just want to share my voodoo spell experience with everyone as it’s been for more effective than I thought possible.

Just a quick background – I met this man (Gary) through an online dating site and I honestly felt that I had met my soul mate. Everything was perfect and during the 4 months of our relationship every single day I was sent a loving text or other sentiment.

Then, one day, I returned home from work to a note stuck to the door. Gary had left me!

No explanation or anything at all – he just said that he was sorry but he didn’t want to be with me anymore.

To say I was crestfallen is an understatement – I stopped eating and became seriously malnourished.

I loved this man like no other and if I am honest with myself, I do still love him for the wonderful time we had together.

In my darkest moment I ordered a voodoo spell from High Priest Jean Emmanuel (he advertises on this site). I explained my story to Jean Emmanuel and he was very understanding and supportive.

The spell that was cast for me centered around exposing Gary’s true character to his circle of influence (friends, family, work colleagues). I really did not want any physical harm to come to him but I just wanted to make sure that he could not hurt others in the same way that he has hurt me.

It’s been 5 weeks since Jean Emmanuel cast the spell for me and I am amazed at the results.

Although I have not heard from Gary directly, we do have several acquaitances in common and I have found out that his family have uncovered a number of lies that he’s been living and they have effectively outed him as a family member.

Even his precious son has told him never to contact him again!

Better than this though, is that he has been fired from work because of a mistake he’d made which cost the company lots of money to fix. Because Gary works in a very small industry his reputation has been ruined and so no-one will employ him because of his mistake.

From what our mutual acquaintancies have been saying he is now seriously depressed and keeps crying.

I’m not a vengeful person, but I loved this man like no other and he made me suffer in ways that I shudder to remember.

Without High Priest Jean Emmanuel’s support and spell casting I honestly don’t believe that I would be at peace with my failed relationship with Gary.

I whole heartedly recommend this service.

From my observation and reading about other people’s voodoo experiences it does appear that Hollywood sensationalises the true powers of voodoo and other genuine spells.

I have actually contacted High Priest Jean Emmanuel and asked him whether I could interview him for this site. I will let you all know what he says.