Revenge For Christmas 2012

Those guys at Get Revenge On Your Ex have done it again, with this year’s Christmas specials.

Here’s their latest newsletter….enjoy!


When most people think of Christmas it is a happy time, a time to celebrate with friends and loved ones, but what if the one who had hoped to spend Christmas with has actually ended up hurting you just before the festivities start. Why should they be able to have a great time with their new squeeze when you are left to agonise over what could have been? The good news is that our team have got everything together to make sure that if you are feeling the urge to even the scores in the run up to December 25th we have the perfect vengeance gifts, perfectly suited for every taste and every budget.

Time Released Festive Texts

Get their day off to a poor start with a time released SMS from our anonymous server. All your have to do is type out your message and system will send it to the victim’s phone with the guarantee that it can’t be traced back to you. You can even set the time so if you want to do something early in the morning when they are opening their presents or around lunchtime to put a dampener on things we have just the service for you.

A Christmas Kick From Our Unique Cards Range

If you want something jolly with Santa on it or kids playing in the snow you should look elsewhere. This is the most offensive and repulsive collection of cards on the internet. It is completely unique. Imagine the anticipation of opening an envelope shattered when it is opened as a card which tells your chosen victim exactly what you really think.

The Voodoo Doll

Sometimes revenge can be quite sophisticated, but the on other occasions, just plain scared is just as good. Our voodoo dolls are the perfect match for our cards, a great double hit. No sooner have they got over the shock of their card, than again they are opening a beautiful present to find a Voodoo doll, laced with an authentic curse performed by a highly respected High Priest. Not only will it alarm them initially, the curse, and the thought of it will dog them for the rest of the year…

Nuisance Calls

When you are trying to relax with friends and family the last thing you want is repeated phone calls, shattering the calm. The worst thing is, it’s Christmas, you have to answer the call in case it is family or friends ringing round to celebrate. You can’t unplug the phone for the same reason so your victim will just have to shoulder the stress of our incessant ringing at a time that you set.

The Nasty Packages…

OK…for most people this would be considered a bit too much…but this IS your ex we are talking about. You wouldn’t be here if they hadn’t done something to deserve the very best (or worst depending on how you look at it) treatment. Whether you want to make them feel queasy at dinner with ‘used’ condom or our realistic fake Dog Shit, or if you just want to ruin their new relationship by sending some sexy underwear with a naughty note we have just the things for you…


Christmas is only just around the corner, so I don’t recommend that you hang around…you’ve only got a few days left to completely and utterly ruin your ex’s Christmas, while you remain full of festive cheer!