Festive Revenge Against Your Boss

A Story That Has Become Our Festive Inspiration…

OK, we have always said that we love receiving your stories and this is the absolute proof. We like to think that we have a pretty comprehensive handle on all things revenge related but every now and then you guys raise the bar for us and inspire us to add something to our range. This is no different. It is the perfect way of taking the Christmas spirit and turning it on it’s head to completely twist your victim’s mood and take them from the festive lights right down into the doldrums.

We were contacted by someone who wanted to remain anonymous, which in many ways is perfect because don’t forget we use a computer generated system to ensure that your identity remains safe for all our revenge products (unless you really want them to know who it is of course!) He had done something new and ingenious and it was regarding that most seasonal of items…the Christmas tree.

Now, Christmas trees in general seem great initially when they are all green and vibrant, but by the middle of January they generally look more than a little bit sad and depressed. We are told that it is important to be green so quite often people will go the extra mile to be eco-friendly in this day and age, especially at Christmas when there is all that good will to be chucked about. Things that normally would just go in the rubbish suddenly get recycled and this gave our mysterious informant an idea.

He had been fired literally days before Christmas. Not only had he been fired, he had been fired because he had been looking after a customer! Apparently, by working hard to save a customer who had a complaint, he had saved them ‘TOO MUCH MONEY’ and as a result he had to be let go. This seemed odd, seeing as they would have lost a lot more money if the customer had gone but the manager, who had been making our friend’s life hell for a while had told him to pack up his desk and ‘get the f*** out’.

So off home our inspiration went and logged onto Craig’s List to take advantage of the good will in the area. He advertised his old boss’s home address as a place to drop off Christmas trees for a ‘community compost drive’. The response was unbelievable and there was great pleasure to be had in driving past his old manager’s home, to see the front garden completely littered with deceased pine trees.

So why is this so great? Well, first of all, it jumps up and down on that giddy eagerness and freshness of a New Year. Secondly, there is the frustration that comes from being the victim of a prank from a completely unknown source. Thirdly, there is the cost. The manager now had about fifty Christmas trees to get rid of and that is a pretty large unexpected cost to come at a time that the purse strings tend to be a little bit tight anyway after festive spending.

We have taken inspiration from this story and will now do the same service for you, putting the required information up on Gumtree/Craig’s List/Community Notice Boards for the relevant area with the guarantee that it can’t be traced back to you. Get in touch today to take advantage of this great festive idea to satisfy your need for revenge.