Great Creativity…Epic Revenge

Now we want to make it clear that here at Revenge Towers we are very proud to support the boys in blue that protect people all over the world because frankly there are enough people trying to stick the boot into them most of the time and we think they do a heck of a job. However, as with a lot of areas, when politics gets involved we aren’t such a fan, and the politics of policing is no different, which is why we are such a fan of unassuming Brian McCrary of Bluff City in Tennessee.

Now the drama starts to unfold in 2010 when Brian received a belated ticket from months beforehand. The Bluff City area already had a fairly unsavory reputation for using surveillance cameras and speed traps to try and collect revenue and given how late this was Brian was pretty intent on having a word or two with someone high up. As a result, he went on the local PD website to try and find a non-emergency phone number with a view to giving them an earful.

However, while he didn’t find the number he was after he did find something of interest because there was a little message saying that the police department website was about to be up for grabs because the domain was literally just about to expire.

You might be wondering how on earth this was interesting to someone who wanted to have a rant about a desperately late speeding ticket but that is probably because we hadn’t mentioned yet what Brian does for a living…

Brian is a Computer Network Designer.

The upshot of this is that we have the ideal conditions for something of a perfect storm. In fact, so far as ideal timing goes it is hard to imagine something better. Within a few days of this discovery the Bluff County Police Department website mysteriously went quite off message. Rather than handing out information about policy and policing news it suddenly had a very different agenda. Plastered across the page was information about where you can find the speeding cameras in the area, where the police most frequently set up their speed traps and why these cameras are such a plague.

Now, a lot of people found this quite funny and supported Brian, but it only really became news when he posted some articles which told the truth about the huge sums of money that these cameras were generating. Even more interestingly, it transpired that 50% of that revenue was going to the company who sold the cameras, rather than the usual practice of using it to help prevent accidents and increase speed awareness.

The best thing about this story is that the police were oblivious until the reporters came knocking on the door. They had received a grand total of 7 emails telling them that they needed to renew their domain name rights but nobody ever got round to sorting it out. This of course meant that everything that Brian had done was completely legal and as his website became national news he found that tens of thousands of people would log onto his site every day to find out about the speed cameras in their area.

His website is still up and running and if you want to check it out click on this link, but whatever you do, celebrate the great revenge work done here.

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