8 ingenious ways people have got revenge on a cheating partner.

For some, facing a cheating partner is carte blanche for mad and bad behaviour – Something Coleen Rooney knows about all too well.

So for todays post we decided to dig a little into some of the most inventive and dastardly ways men and women have got revenge on their cheating lover.

1. Get public 

Linda, from Warwick, laminated a poster and stuck it to a nearby crossing, alerting her home town to her partner Graham’s  philandering ways. “If she is so good in bed you can stay there,” she wrote. “Merc keys in canal. Locks changed. Cards maxed. Happy New Year, Linda.” 

2. Target his/her favourite possession

A Reddit user posted photographic evidence of a car spray painted with the words ‘cheater’ and ‘liar’ over the bonnet and sides. The Volkswagen Jetta’s four tyres were punctured and the back window smashed. Across the windows ‘4 years’ were written, presumably how long the wronged party had wasted with the driver. 

3. Think outside of the box

During one ITV This Morning segment viewers rang in with tales of revenge. Holly Willoughby and Phil Schofield heard from one woman who switched her partner’s conditioner for something else on finding out he was cheating.

“I decided to get my own back. I emptied half the bottle of his conditioner and filled it with ladies’ hair removal cream. He was going on a night out to meet this person and his hair started coming out. He started freaking out.”

4. Plan, plan, plan

One American woman named as Annie Wagner decided to make her feelings known on television with a sign during an NFL game saying: “My cheating partner is watching from [the] couch instead”. The image went viral and she quit Facebook after all the attention, but at least he got his just desserts. 

 5. Patience is everything 

In autumn last year a man from Donegal in Ireland appeared on The Graham Norton Show to retell the story of a groom who had a surprise for his wife on their wedding day. He asked all the guests to stand up and look at the underside of the plate in front of them.

If they had a red dot on, they were asked to stay standing. Everyone else was asked to sit back down. Eight men remained standing. The groom told the wedding party that these men had all slept with his wife since they were engaged and that he was getting an annulment, before walking straight out of the room.  

6. Be prepared to spend money 

Another rented ad space in their local newspaper in Texas to make the point:

7. Share your tips with others

Users of the anonymous social networking Whisper have been sharing their exploits. One wrote, “When my boyfriend cheated on me, I sent a mariachi band to play at his house… From 4 to 6 am.. The day he was taking The Bar exam. He failed it.”

Another wrote: “Found out he’s been sexting his ex, but I got my revenge. I swapped her number in his phone with his boss’.”

8. Be creative

On Netmums one user named Emma W described how another woman had placed a bag of prawns into a curtain pole before leaving the house she shared his her husband after she discovered he was cheating. The prawns melted and started to rot until the smell got so bad he put the house on the market. “Serves him right,” he user said. 

If you would like any more ideas about how to get revenge on a cheating partner check out our playlist here or head over to the boys at Get Revenge On Your Ex who will help you master up a plan!

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