The best revenge pranks of all time

Revenge is dish best served cold and these revenge pranks are as cold as you can get!

Instead of getting mad, these cheeky pranksters have gotten even by pulling some hilarious stunts.

From scorned women shaming their exes on billboards, to angry driversĀ putting a stop to terrible parking. Heres some revenge pranks that will get you laughing and also inspired!

revenge pranks - boxers
revenge pranks - tattoo hell
revenge pranks - lost dog poster
revenge pranks - public revenge
revenge pranks - Ketchup Hell
revenge pranks - dildo delivery
revenge pranks - banana's

We told you, you would be inspired to take some action and get revenge. Our personal favourite is the opening all the banana’s! Sometimes small and simple pranks are the most effective.

If you do however want to get a little bit more hands on, maybe your partner has cheated on you, or your friend has just been an absolute bitch recently the team at GROYE and Masters of Revenge have some nasty deliveries that would make for some amusing revenge pranks.

Otherwise keep browsing the site – we have plenty of articles that will inspire you.

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