Get Revenge On Your Best Friend

A Best friend is supposed to light up your world. You are supposed to be together with them even though you have ups and downs. But what if that is not the case? One day there is a Signs A Friendship is Coming to An End Sometimes best friend can hurt you. And the hurt they cause you is the hurt that is the most painful.

Karma does not do it’s thing when the pain is immense inside of you. That is why you need to take things into your own hands. Here are the sneaky and clever good ways to get revenge on your best friend;

Hacking your friends social media accounts.
  1. Hack Into Their Social Media

Social media is a big part of someone’s day. You might be close enough to know their password and ways to get into their social media. That way, you can use that social media to make their life go down into a spiral. This is a great Ways to Get Revenge on Someone Without Getting Caught

  1. Make Prank Calls

Prank calls are a common way to get a revenge on someone. But since you know the personal detail of your best friend you can use it to make an even more threatening, frightening phone call. Your best friend will have their day ruined.

  1. Send Anonymous Letters

Letters are an old school way to get into someone’s head. Make sure that the handwriting is untracable. Then you can write her a scary, threatening, or simply hideous letter that will leave her feeling bad all day.

  1. Tell Their Secrets

You know your best friend inside out. But when the friendship ends, all this secrets can be in your advantage. Spread the most hideous secret anonymously through social media or to someone important.

  1. Get Into The Mind Of Their Friends

Of course your best friend have some other friend. To have their life absolutely ruined, lure their friends to be on your side. Soon, your best friend will feel lonely because his/her best friend is gone and all his/her friends are gone too.

  1. Anonymous Rumors

Rumors does not have to be accurate, it just have to be nasty. That is why you need to anonymously spread rumors about your best friend to make their life even more miserable.

  1. Stay Away From Her

Making the relationship go bad with you will make her feel guilty, but when you decide to cut the tie, it will wrench her heart. That is why you need to stay away from your best friend and make him/her go away from your life.

  1. Pretend To Forget

When your best friend try to remind you about the great memories between you two or they just try to say hi to you, pretend to forget. By pretending to forget or pretending that they do not exist it will make your best friend feel crushed.

  1. Vent

Say the pain that is in your heart directly to her and if possible in the most humiliating way possible, which is in public. This will make her feel embarrased in front of everyone.

  1. Send Hideous Mails

Mails is an easy way to make anonymous revenge to someone. That is why you can send your best friend anything that might make their day go bad. Try sending something your best friend is scared of or something they are repulsed by. 

  1. Block Their Contact

A great revenge is by burning the bridge between the two of you so you do not feel negative anymore. So what you need to do is block their contact, social media and any form of communication you might have with them.

  1. Move On

This is the best good ways to get revenge. You need to find Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship, therefore you can erase your best friend from your life

  1. Find New Positive Friends

This is actually another amazing Ways to Forget Your Ex because you can get into a healthier relationship. Soon your best friend will feel jealous which is an absolutely great revenge. 

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